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" Well," Doctor MacDonald demanded, " what's the matter
with you?"

Mr. Munn leaned back until his shoulders came Into contact
with the stone of the wall. "The board," he said; "they

"Our figure?" Doctor MacDonald asked, almost casually,
after the pause of scarcely an instant.

" No," Mr. Munn answered. He did not look at Doctor

" Licked," Doctor MacDonald said.

Mr. Munn slowly raised his gaze. But Doctor MacDonald
was looking away. He was looking out the window, and his
face betrayed nothing. "That's right," Mr. Munn said.
" Licked."

Doctor MacDonald continued to look out the little window,
Mr. Munn followed his gaze. Outside the window, there
was a bough with the leaves putting out, golden-tinged and

" I reckon they just didn't have it in them/? Doctor Mac-
Donald remarked.

" I did what I could/* Mr. Munn told him. Then added,
" And Sills did."

"It just wasn't in them," Doctor MacDonald said. "One
way or another, that's what a man does. What's in him. A
man goes along, and the time comes, even if he's looking the
other way not noticing, and the thing in him comes out. It
wasn't something happening to him made him do something,
the thing was in him all the time. He just didn't know. Till
the time came."

"No/* Mr, Munn answered, sitting up on the cot, feeling
an alarm stir obscurely in him. "No," and hesitated; then,
less emphatically, repeated, " No."

Almost amusedly, Doctor MacDonald looked down at him.
"Don't kid yourself/' he said. "Take the Professor, now.
Him doing nothing but teaching his boys and reading his
books, all that old history and stuff. You'd never guessed it,
but look what came outer him."